Bad Influence Burlesque

As the nights grow longer and longer let our entertainers show you all they have to offer to fill the time. This show promises to be filled with pieces that will warm your heart, shock your system, and leave you breathless. 

Featuring performances by:
Tease Blossom
Bella D-Dancer
Lexy Lemondrop
Vox Sterling
Cabaret San Jose
A duet between Belladonna Atropa & Rosie Reigns
Snow Wonder
Lady Axum
DeeDee Queen
Donny Mirassou
Anita Glitter
Joie de Vivre
Anna Yanushkevich
Emily Griswold
Tanqueray von Gräfenberg & Cherry Popper
Kitty KaPowww
Doc Roc
Maggie Motorboat
Boysinberry Cupcake
Penny PoundCake
The Velvettes
Mone't Ha-Sidi

Our ever fabulous leader through these feats and displays of human fabulousness is once again Magnoliah Black. This stunning Oakland based performer is a Bay Area powerhouse and we are lucky to have her divine intervention keeping us on the pathway to awesome.